Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the gathering and accumulation of rainwater. This has many uses¬†once it has been stored, i.e. for irrigation, fountains, ponds, animals, and watering of landscaping. Stored rainwater can sustain landscaping in a drought and saves well water or money on water bills. Collecting rainwater and using it purposefully in the ground allows for the water to be cleaned by the soil’s microorganisms. It also allows that specific area of soil to grow plants that may not survive on typical rainfall alone.

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Quick F.A.Q.’s

Q. Why is the tank full? I just pumped it a year ago?

A. A septic will operate at a full level at all times. The water will enter the tank at the top and exit at the top. The fluid level needs to be at the base of the outlet line at all times (unless the tank was recently pumped or never used). A family of 4 will use, on average, 1000 gallons in 1 week. An average 3 bedroom septic tank is 1250 gallons. It does not take very long to fill a tank.