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Septic System Installation

Septic System Installation New Mexico can count on! York Septic has installed thousands of septic tanks in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico. This experience coupled with the right design by York Septic means you get this septic system you want, at the price you like, done right the first time.

York Septic will determine the correct type of septic system for your property and install your septic tank in an efficient and professional manner. Experience brings speed as you may have a Low Pressure Dosing Septic System, Conventional Septic System or Aerobic Septic System installed, all of these types of septic systems require experienced hands and design backed by in-the-field, time-tested knowledge of septic systems.

York Septic provides all materials, labor, tools, and if necessary backhoes for your septic tank installation. If you live in the hill country, your lot type will be a factor during your septic system installation, as well as perc tests of the soil on your property. These are large factors in placement as well as any existing structures on your property.

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Serving New Mexico For Over 49 Years!
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