Septic System Maintenance Contracts

York Septic provides Septic System Maintenance Contracts Albuquerque can count on.  Always on schedule and like clockwork York Septic will Pump and clean your septic tank.  Check scum levels and washouts and perform any other septic system maintenance required during our scheduled service call.

York Septic can stop septic system clogs with proactive maintenance of your septic system.  The process involves pumping out waste-water and solids to verify that all components of your system are intact and operating correctly. This maintenance period should not exceed 3 years.

The peace of mind in knowing that your septic system is being maintained by experienced professional septic system technicians is priceless.  Not having to worry when your relatives are due over for Thanksgiving whether or not your system is running in tip top shape can keep your mind at ease and septic system maintenance contract is there to count on.  With York Septic backing you up, your septic tank will run smoothly.

Checking your drain field is a valuable component in York Septic’s septic system maintenance contract.  Maintaining a healthy leach field, can prevent a potentially huge expense of repairing septic systems drain field.

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Quick F.A.Q.’s

Q. Should I be using a bacteria additive?

A. In our opinion, there is only one reason to use a bacteria additive. That is to introduce more bacteria in a bacteria depleted tank.

When a person creates a bacteria free environment in the home or building, than allows the anti-bacteria agent to go down the drain, this will begin a bacteria free environment in the tank. The objective is to create a bacteria free environment in the home or building and a bacteria filled environment in the tank. Adding more bacteria into the system can help prevent premature failures.

A healthy septic system generally does not need any further bacteria additives