Septic Tank Cleaning

For the best Septic Tank Cleaning Albuquerque has to offer, call York Septic.  Whether you have a conventional septic system, aerobic septic tank, or a low-pressure dosing system,  your septic tank is no problem for York  Septic.

York Septic has over 37 years of experience, in maintaining septic tanks, pumping septic tanks and cleaning septic tanks.  We have cleaned thousands of septic systems in Albuquerque and the surrounding area.

Oftentimes septic tank cleaning follows a septic tank being pumped.  It is the simple case of economy if you are having your septic tank pumped, then cleaning the tank is recommended and a thorough inspection of the septic system can occur at that point.

Why is York  Septic best Septic Tank Cleaning Albuquerque has to offer?

Experienced technicians, result in efficient and timely septic tank cleanings.  Inexperienced hands in a septic tank are a dangerous thing.  Not only do septic tanks use electrical current such as aerobic septic tank systems.  But the bacteria in gases inside your septic tank are dangerous.

Locating your hatches to the septic tank prior to scheduling a service call will save time and money.  Also the location of any cleanouts on your property will be very useful to the technician who is cleaning your septic tank.  At that point the lids may need to be dug up, most lids are less than a foot below the surface.

York Septic can locate the septic tank lids if you do not know where they are.  If they are more than one foot below the surface an excavator may be used.  Your septic tank should only be pumped through the access doors and not your cleanouts.  This method of cleaning out a septic tank is hazardous.

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Quick F.A.Q.’s

Q. Can I drive on the field or tank?

A. It is not recommended to allow any type of compaction (Driveway, Horses, Dog run, Etc) over any component of a septic system unless the system was designed for compaction.